WMBT是全球首个 Web 3.0 全场景应用的生态公链,是一种去中心化的资产,同时也是跨链资产的通用兑付资产,源自于暗网。

Web 3.0时代,所有的区块链信息孤岛将被动打破,从区块链链上互联到链上实体化,在这个过程中需要非常强大的基础设置公链去实现跨链的兼容性支持。


2019年8月开始,WMBT项目方发起全球募资,参与募资的机构包括德国海因希里资本、新加坡淡马锡控股-中、AQR Capital Management等知名机构。那么这些投资方都是什么来头?他们的投资靠不靠谱?一起来了解一下。





2 新加坡淡马锡控股-中



3 AQR Capital Management

AQR资本管理公司(AQR Capital Management)成立于1998年,总部在美国康涅狄格州的格林尼治,管理规模达1592亿。AQR将金融理论和实际应用相结合,管理养老金、保险公司、大学捐款、主权财富基金等多种资产。它强调研究驱动、高科技带来的实用洞见、经济直觉和严格的风险管理。


WMBT is the world's first ecological public chain of Web 3.0 full scene application. It is a decentralized asset, and also a common cashing asset of cross chain assets. It comes from the dark network.

In the era of Web 3.0, all blockchain information islands will be broken passively, from the interconnection of blockchain to the materialization of blockchain. In this process, we need a very strong basic setting public chain to realize cross chain compatibility support.

WMBT is committed to the construction of Web3.0 ecology, supporting Polkadot bridge and cosmos IBC protocol. Therefore, public chain projects such as eth, TRX, EOS, BSC and heco can achieve compatibility and scalability support throughWMBT, and realize the direct exchange of assets.

Since August 2019,WMBT project parties have launched a global fund-raising campaign. The institutions involved in fund-raising include Heinrich capital of Germany, Temasek Holdings

China of Singapore, AQR capital management and other well-known institutions. So what are the origins of these investors? Is their investment reliable? Let's get to know.

1 Heinrich capital

Heinrich is a one-stop business platform jointly built by European professional law firms and information system suppliers. The company employs more than 18000 people worldwide and provides comprehensive professional consulting services to 150 countries or regions around the world.

two   Singapore Temasek Holdings - China

Founded in 1974, Temasek is a privately registered holding company supervised by the Ministry of finance of Singapore. The company's main business is asset operation and management, focusing on capital investment and financial management. By the end of 2006, Temasek had managed assets worth US $108.6 billion, with credit ratings of standard & Poor's AAA and Moody's AAA.

3 AQR Capital Management

AQR capital management was founded in 1998, headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, with a management scale of 159.2 billion. AQR combines financial theory with practical application to manage pension, insurance companies, University donations, sovereign wealth funds and other assets. It emphasizes research driven, high-tech practical insight, economic intuition and strict risk management.

德国海因里希与SINGAPORE DATA ECOLOGY FOUNDATION LTD.达成收购意向公告/German Heinrich and Singapore Data Ecology Foundation Ltd. reach an announcement of acquisition intention